Just Glasses has been acknowledged as one of the leading glasses online retailers in the UK for the past 10 years. Specialising just in reading glasses, sunglasses and ski goggles the company has experienced huge growth with its no comprise on quality and affordability promise.

Looking at the monopoly of local retail opticians we saw their limited glasses range and the extortionate prices they were charging. We researched our suppliers thoroughly and discovered that in actual fact we could provide even better quality glasses which the opticians were providing and at a fraction of the cost. Just Glasses is able to provide momentous savings to its thousands of customers and making it affordable for everyone. No wonder so many of our customers return to us time after time. 

Now the company boasts one of the best selling glasses ranges which are exclusively available to purchase online. Often as soon as a new style is released we are the first ones to retail them to the marketplace.

Our Team:

We pride ourselves in delivering the very best service to all our customers in the UK and worldwide. Our team of specialists can provide you with accurate and up to date styling and fittings which will suit your requirements best. Whether by telephone or email our friendly team are here to help you when you need us.

Our Location:

Our headquaters and distribution centre are located on the same premises in Birmingham, UK. 


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