What strength glasses do I need?

You should visit your local optician who can accordingly advise you which reading glass strength would be most suitable for you. Everyone’s vision is different and Just Glasses are not an optician to offer professional qualified advice. However below is a rough approximation guide which broadly states the reading glasses strengths according to age:

45 to 50 yrs.  +1

  1. To 55 yrs. +. 1.5

55 to. 60 yrs.  +2. To 2.5

60 to 70 yrs.    +2.5 to 3

70 to 75 yrs.     + 3 to 3.5

80 to 100 yrs.   + 3.5 to 4

I wear contact lenses or have had refractive surgery. Do I still require/ can benefit from wearing reading glasses?

You will need to visit your local optician to obtain professional qualified advice. Accordingly if they say yes, and have provided you with an according reading glasses strength which will suit you best please browse through our range.

Can I use your reading glasses for driving?

No – our reading glasses are designed for close work only.

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