Founded ten years ago, Just Glasses provides affordable and quality glasses that rival what traditional high street opticians offer. As an online retailer, we are often able to provide exclusive offers on sunglasses, reading glasses and ski goggles that are not yet available elsewhere.

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Welcome to the Just Glasses reading glasses range. We pride ourselves on our unrivalled selection of reading glasses for men and women with the most affordable prices in the UK. We stock a wide range of colours, shapes and styles, including limited edition and exclusive online offers, so all you need to do is to decide which style suits you best. Our collection includes a variety of plastic reading glasses as well as metal-frame reading glasses. These products are designed for people who are long-sighted but not short-sighted as well (when bifocal glasses would be more appropriate).

Unlike other online retailers, we offer a full range of customer service and a number of different ways to get in touch, including by telephone. While full product specifications are mentioned in the individual products descriptions, our friendly Birmingham team are here to help when you need us. We also provide a full range of accessories to complement your chosen reading spectacles, including lens care kits, cords and cases.

Tips for choosing reading glasses from the Just Glasses range

There are many different types of reading glasses to choose from, including retro, cats eyes, semi-rimless, rectangular and classic styles. Which one you choose will depend on your tastes. But we do recommend that you choose a size that is proportionate to your face, and that the width of the frames should not be wider than the overall width of your face at the temples. The top of your frames should also be no higher than the line of your eyebrows To ensure that they are comfortable, we recommend getting the right bridge design and position is the key to a comfortable fit. The lower edge of the frames shouldn’t sit on your cheeks so that they don’t rub or irritate.

The bridge width is measured as the minimum horizontal distance (in mm) between the two right and left nasal surfaces. A wider bridge width indicates that space, where the glasses will sit on the nose is broader, and this is typically between 14mm and 24mm. The frame width is the overall distance from hinge to hinge of the frame measured horizontally, usually between 125mm and 145mm. As a guide, a narrow frame width is considered to be anything up to 131mm; a normal size from 132 to 138mm and a wide frame from 139mm and upwards. If you have any questions about this, our team will be pleased to help.

If you are not sure which strength of reading glasses you need, it is advisable to get an up-to-date eye test from your regular optician.

The reading glasses range from Just Glasses includes the latest trends for 2018, including the following:

Hipster style reading glasses

These are large and square framed, unisex-style glasses that have been made fashionable by celebrities in recent years. These specs are suited to bold colours like red and black and are statement-making, funky frames that are also practical and durable. Check out our funky-red Georgia State, Kyoto, Tulip, Aqua, Hemisphere, Reunion and Liberty glasses if you are interested in this style.

Wayfarer reading glasses

Thick-framed glasses with metallic or unusual coloured accents are also a statement frame for the style-conscious. These are a unisex form of glasses that are unlikely to out of date any time soon. If you like this style, you’ll like our very fashionable half-framed 5th Avenue and Oxford frames.

Classic frames

These are minimalistic rectangular, round or oval frames. Our classic tortoiseshell Retro Vintage frame is trending and it creates a smart, business-like look for men and women. Black, grey and brown frames provide a smart everyday look. We supply classic frames with either metal or plastic finishes, and our classic frames for women come in subtle gold, bright purple, and olive green.

Vintage-style frames

Looking for something a little unusual? Browline glasses, John Lennon-style frames and Edwardian round glasses offer a distinctive statement of style. Our matt-plastic, round Jacob frames provide a modern twist on the classic round frame.

Rimless glasses

These glasses feature sophisticated rimless frames for those who don’t want their reading glasses to detract from whatever else they are wearing. Our elegant Bishop rimless metal frames are suited to both men and women.

Materials and finishes

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll be pleased to help. Let us know what features you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to supply you with your perfect pair of reading specs; whether that is lightweight, rubberised, matt plastic or metallic finish frames; with spring-hinges or soft nose-pads. We have glasses with all sorts of colours, lens shapes and sizes for you to choose from. We even provide foldable and nose glasses for your convenience.

Why choose Just Glasses?

At Just Glasses, we promise you’ll find the most fashionable styles of reading glasses at the best possible prices. We guarantee that all glasses are made to the highest standards, and you are entitled to a 100 per cent refund if you are in anyway unsatisfied with the products and return them within 14 days.

Whether you’re looking for sunglasses, sun readers, ski goggles or traditional reading glasses, we will ensure the process is as hassle-free as possible:

Buy any two pairs and get postage free

14-day returns

Quick post (First Class)

Established for ten years

Exclusive online deals.

Our website is constantly updated with the latest and most fashionable glasses and goggles, and you can also search for offers on particular products or multiple purchases. Simply click on the style you like and select the strength from our drop-down menu. Or choose two pairs from any of our collections to benefit from free postage. Order online and pay by PayPal or Credit Card, or email or call us if you’d like to find out more.

For stylish reading glasses at a fraction of the cost, browse the Just Glasses collection today.

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